Is your baby ready for solid food?

Full term babies should be ready for solid food by the time they reach their half birthday. Clinical reports suggest that the majority of normal babies and obviously premature babies are not developmentally ready for the graduation from milk suckling to manage semi-solids swallowing until between 6-8 months of age. Here, is a quiz to … Read more

Is that smile real?

Babies begin to smile much early, even in their mother’s womb. The newborn smiles are not real; they are not in response to anything. Early smiles are reflex smiles, which are brief and occur unintentionally. If you see a baby smiling in her deep sleep, it may be after passing a small bout of gas. … Read more

Smile turns to giggles

Baby’s first laugh is one of the best moments in parenthood to enjoy. If your baby hasn’t started laughing yet, no need to worry about it. Series of joyful noises like squealing, chirping, cooing and gurgling will one day lead to giggling. This milestone is expected to be achieved around 3-4 months. She might laugh … Read more