Why is the Measles vaccine given at 9 months? Is measles a common disease that early in life?

Measles is a highly contagious disease; spread by breathing, coughing or sneezing the viral infected respiratory droplets and direct contact with the diseased patient. Before the vaccines came into existence, more than 90% children used to be infected with this deadly viral disease. Measles can be severe with complications like Pneumonia and Encephalitis, which can … Read more

Why do we need to give Polio vaccine to children every year till the age of 5?

Polio virus is a very infectious virus which spreads through fecal to oral route in countries where sanitation facilities are poor. Wild polio virus gains entry inside a susceptible child through fecal contaminated food. Virus then multiplies in the intestine of the infected child, who keep shedding it continuously through feces and in between can … Read more

Is it still possible to get the disease for which vaccine has been given?

If a baby can get a disease even after giving the vaccine, then why are vaccines important and how effective they are? Vaccines are not 100% effective. There is always a slight chance to catch infections even after immunization. But post vaccination, symptoms of the disease are usually much milder and infection normally does not … Read more

Is it important to give vaccine of same brand for different doses?

No, it is not essential to give vaccines of same brands only for all the doses. The more important concern should be to timely administer the doses to complete the primary series with the best available options of vaccines. According to scientific studies, all brands of Hib conjugate, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Rotavirus and meningococcal … Read more