EasySix, a new efficient vaccine to take care of 6 Preventable diseases in one shot is launched now


Launch of EasySix is a big one in vaccine industry. Earlier, there was only one vaccine (Hexaxim), available in the market, known to prevent 6 diseases in one shot but it burnt hole in the pocket and not affordable by masses. Now, we have cheaper EasySix and there is absolutely no need to administer DTwP containing combination vaccine and IPV separately because of cost factor.

EasySix vaccine is produced by Panacea Biotech, which is one of India’s leading Biopharmaceutical Company, well known to develop superior innovative vaccines against diseases, since more than three decades.

Easy 5 (DTwP-HepB-Hib) by Panacea is successfully providing immunity to the newborns since 2013, and provides a good option to expensive painless combination vaccine.

Easy 6 is the Hexavalent combination vaccine, that provides immunity against all 6 diseases, Diptheria, whooping cough, Tetanus, Meningitis (caused by Haemophilus influenza type b), Hepatitis B and Polio. This vaccine is also ready to use fully liquid formulation, which requires no constitution and saves time like already available Hexaxim. What sets it apart from Hexaxim?  It contains the whole cell Pertussis antigen that is known to provide superior immunity against Pertussis. Then, obviously it makes a better option which is cheaper and effective simultaneously.

Painless vaccines have acellular Pertussis antigen, which fails to prevent transmission and spread of Whooping cough amongst people, as it does not stop Pertussis bacteria from entering and living inside the airways of vaccinated persons. So, the vaccinated persons are themselves immune but are the carriers of Pertussis and can still spread the disease to unvaccinated or people with weak immunity. That is why; painless vaccines should preferably be avoided for the primary series of infant immunization. Recent news of Pertussis outbreaks in USA where painless or DTaP vaccines are more common, further proves this.

Easy 6 is reported to have comparable immunogenicity and fewer number of persons complaining of side effects, when compared to pentavalent vaccine and IPV given separately in clinical trials. It may cause slight fever, rarely causes persistent crying, some pain in infants due to certain allergic reactions in response to inactivate whole cell component of Pertussis. All these reactions can be easily controlled by over the counter Paracetamol drugs. So, absolutely no need to opt for painless vaccine if your baby is healthy and can tolerate slight discomfort with your  love and care.

Panacea is a pioneer in developing other important vaccines like first fully liquid Quadrivalent vaccine Easyfour-TT, Pentavalent Vaccine Easyfive-TT, monovalent Polio vaccine against type 1 and type 3 Polio virus, Bivalent Polio Vaccine against Type 1 and 3 Polio virus. Easy 6 is the outcome of 10 years of rigorous research and efforts.