Simple and Intuitive App

All your patient vaccination charts digitized and available anytime and anywhere

Vaccine Administration

Minimal data entry and two click vaccination

Automated Reminders

Professional email and SMS reminders for patients

Stock Management

Real time inventory tracking, low stock alerts and expiration date reminders


Vaccination summary, Inventory health, cashflow projection

Master Data

Built in database of vaccines


Secured data transfer and storage

For Individual Doctor

For Individual Doctor

Manage Vaccinations for all your patients with features like smart vaccination, stock management, email and SMS reminders, customized chart template, vaccine demand forecast, low stock alerts and expiration date reminders.


How does this work?


  • No upfront cost. Absolutely free to start
  • No specific system requirements. Just use any internet enabled device of your choice
  • Setup your customized vaccination chart template once, or use the default template
  • Create vaccination chart for a patient once and we send SMS reminders for 12 yrs of vaccination visits on your behalf
  • Track vaccinations for your patients from your personalized dashboard
  • Vaccinate using smart vaccination workflow and update chart in just 2 clicks
How does this work?

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