Is that smile real?


Babies begin to smile much early, even in their mother’s womb. The newborn smiles are not real; they are not in response to anything. Early smiles are reflex smiles, which are brief and occur unintentionally. If you see a baby smiling in her deep sleep, it may be after passing a small bout of gas.

Real smiles make the debut when your baby turns 6 weeks or as late as 12 weeks. Baby’s first social or real smile points to some important developmental milestones. The vision of baby has improved a lot since birth. She is able to focus and recognize the face of parents. It is also an indication that, baby’s brain and nervous system is mature enough to use smile as a way to connect with others, rather than just smile involuntarily. Smile becomes a way to express the feelings of satisfaction, joy and playfulness for your little bundle of joy.

If you are eagerly waiting for that sweetest grin, there is something you can do about it. Talk to your baby often, as if she understands everything. Make it a habit to always make an eye contact with your baby and smile while you talk. Perform by making funny faces and aping animal action and sounds. Tickle your baby’s belly or blow around her ears in a comforting way. Soon, your baby will associate smiling as a way to express her emotions too and you will see her beaming lips every time she looks at you.

Be ready to click and record those precious moments.